As a child, I would often sit transfixed as my father crafted elegant furniture out of rough, unfashioned wood. Soon, I was playing with his scraps to create my own magical “masterpieces” - jewelry that I would proudly don or insist my mother wear to accentuate her best outfits.

I loved being able to sand, hammer and transform and to present unique pieces of jewelry that would (hopefully) leave my friends and family elated.  This passion stayed strong even as I pursued a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. I would often find myself daydreaming about jewelry designs and sketching them on post-it notes, anxious to bring them to life as soon as I got home. Indeed, I would spend most of my time off taking classes, mastering new techniques and dedicating countless hours to developing and refining new pieces in my home studio.

But what really propelled my life as a designer to the next level was a one year sabbatical in 2013 working for a renowned jeweler in New York City.  This transformative experience enabled me to find my distinctive style and ultimately cultivate what Mezze would stand for.  

And what does Mezze stand for?  For me it is the conception of elegant but simple designs that are grounded in the organic world and shaped by the majestic power of nature.   It is the creation of meticulously crafted items that are delicate, yet powerful in meaning. And ultimately, it is the realization of an intimate experience that will be cherished by the wearer.